Monday, October 05, 2009

Bogor - Puncak

Went to Bogor & Puncak yesterday with my mom & dad, it was so fun! And let the photos talk more! Take a look!

First, we went to Bogor, Cimory Resto.

Strawberry cheesecake + strawberry yoghurt yuuummmy :9

Chocolate milk :9

And next, went to Puncak.

Cibodas Botanical Garden

Visited the glass house.

++ more pictures

Don't forget to eat roast corn! yummmm :9

Oh ya, i have some gift for you. Watch your hand! It's sharp!

It's look like a worm, hiiiiiii

The biggest cactus i ever see! WOW

Hhm, i'm too lazy to write, so i just share these picture tee hee :3
I think it's enough ya, byebye.


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amanda kusai said...

lovely post :) where abouts is the glass house to be more specific ?