Saturday, April 04, 2009

Wish Wish Wishes

1. Apartement (it'll be nice if i have a personal place); 2. Toyota Camry (for my own car); 3. MacBook Pro; 4. Digicam Sony Cybershot T700 (i want the red one); 5. iPod Touch; 6. Nitendo DS Lite (pink is more cute); 7. New handphone! Nokia E71; 8. Rubik's cube (untuk melatih daya ingat yg as you know gue terjangkit 'sms', short memory syndrome i mean haha sama ngelatih pola pikir juga sih, terus biar tambah kreatif juga, and a lot of more waw); 9. Tamagotchi v. 5.5 (miss an old school toy, but they've got the modern type now and more sophisticated sepertinya); 10. A cutie doggy.

Hey, i don't just want them, but i NEED NEED NEED them! And i know the last one surely i can't get, because my parent wouldn't allow me. But i really really reallyyyyyyyy need a doggy. It can be my friend, a trully friend, i think. And always there for me, sad and happy. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, lemme get that one! It'll make me sooooo happy, mom dad. Eh, and of course the 9 other wishes too!




Anne! said...

gue juga mau doggyyyyy :) tapi susah deh sill ngurusnyaaa... mending beli iphone 3g sekalian hehehe :p

Sisil said...

iya sih emang susah ngurus nya tapi tetep aja gue mau, rasa nya udah tergila gila hahaha :D