Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So, How's Your Life?


It's been a long time i don't touch my blog huhuhu kinda busy with that school thingy, remember that i already in a 3rd grade now! Whoops whoops whoops! It always makes me nervous every time i think about it; TO, UN, UAS, SIMAK, UTUL, SMUP, SNMPTN... Start from February 2010 i have to take those test. Oh, God.. Please help me, give me a strength :')

And, remember about my last post? huehehe. I think hhm, maybe it's the best for me now, so i can focus with school and university things, but ya i admit it... it kinda hard for me to hhm... not to forget, but just not to think about it anymore. But yeah, i guess i've let him go with all of my heart, and i just know that God knows what the best for me, and will give me what i need, not what i want. Is it true, right? Anyways, i'm still young and there's a lot of happiness kaaan huahaha :D Ohya, note to you, Star: just keep my words; you are my star, you were my star, and you are still my star no matter what. And i will not keep your words anymore if it already expired. Oh, one more.. and remember 2 requests. Thankyou, A :")

Ah, and i can't wait to go to school again. This holiday just makes me fatter huh eat sleep eat sleep eat sleep... OMG, i almost forget to study! eergh, i think this lazy syndrome attacks me for a billion times, shoo shoo shoo ~_~

See you lateeeeeeeeeer!


Lynn said...

goodluck untuk smuanya :)

Dewo said...

cheers hehehe abis blog walking take a rest disini boleh ya,..:)